Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems

I have worked for Cisco Systems since 2011, where I am currently a Technical and Team Lead for their Talent Management Online & Mobile Experience team. During my tenure I have worked on many large online initiatives and interesting projects. For confidentiality reasons, I cannot list examples of this work on my portfolio.

Please Contact Me for a review of my Cisco work.

Some of my current responsibilities include:

Defining the strategy, creative vision and technical infrastructure for the next generation of talent management at Cisco to deliver new tools and applications with an unparalleled mobile and desktop experience.

Responsible for the tactical execution of Cisco’s Talent Management online & mobile strategy including infrastructure, creative direction, user experience, development and maintenance for several high profile, multi-million dollar initiatives.

Mentoring and leading a diverse team of analysts, developers and designers to teach industry best practices and create innovative solutions to the challenges of a cross-platform, multiple device environment.

My Role:  Design, Html, CSS, Javascript, Architecture, Analysis, Information Design, Strategy