Brainclippings 2.0 Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

Brainclippings 2.0 Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

The most recent iteration of was built from the ground up using MVC as a platform with lots of client side scripting to make the experience as robust as possible while still providing a simple and solid look at my body of work.

The site is completely responsive; adapting to all device form factors, and custom drawer-type navigation is implemented to ensure a great experience on mobile phones. A single codebase is used to drive a consistent yet effective experience across devices.

A custom secure administration system was built to manage the site and portfolio, utilizing in-place editing for the site as well as time saving features like auto-complete image upload and viewing, draggable on-screen sorting, image captioning and dynamic search engine friendly url's that can be changed on the fly in real time.

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My Role:, C#, MVC, Javascript, Html, CSS, SQL, Design